Perhaps remembering why she's really famous, Lindsay Lohan was arrested yet again early Thursday morning.

The troubled and troublesome star was arrested around 4 a.m. ET following an alleged fight at Club Avenue in New York City. Lindz reportedly got into an argument with another woman at the club and it's believed to have escalated to a physical altercation.

Law enforcement told TMZ that prior to the fight, La Lohan told the unidentified woman, "Give me my space." (The brawling beauties were seated at separate booths near one another.)

Apparently, that wasn't enough space, because at some point, Lohan is accused of just, you know, punching the other chick in the left side of her face.

Realizing that she'd not only doled out but also committed a big boo-boo, LiLo left the club before cops arrived. She was a passenger being driven away from Avenue, but those pesky police still managed to intercept the car and catch her because they're super wily that way.

Lohan was booked for third degree assault and released around 7:40 a.m. ET with a desk appearance ticket.

If Lohan is formally charged, it spells big trouble for her probation, which is already in jeopardy because of that whole "lying to law enforcement" thing back in June.

On the bright side, LiLo's legal troubles will make everyone forget about her frozen face in 'Liz and Dick.' (To be fair, it does move in the above video.)