Last Saturday (Sept. 16), I was out at the Missouri State Fair Arena for The Sedalia Lions Club Tuff Trucks and Figure 8 Races. I'd never been to one before, so I wasn't sure what to expect. Well, it was awesome.

The Lions Club had a great setup, selling T-shirts, soda, beer and all kinds of food from popcorn to bratwurst. I made sure to grab myself a couple burgers and a one of the cool orange shirts. I settled in to the stands with my friend Kevin and his two nephews and listened to Hollywood Bob do his announcements as the Fire Department watered down the racetrack. After the National Anthem, we were ready for some action!

The Tuff Trucks were my favorite. Some of the trucks took it pretty slow, but other were absolutely tearing around the track, bouncing all over the place and getting some serious air. Kevin was nervous and thought one of the trucks was going to crash into the stands. It was pretty cool and Kevin got a few awesome action photos.

After that was the Figure 8 Scramble. There were six heats and they were all a blast. Some of the cars got up to some pretty fast speeds. One that really stood out to me was a car in the first race that had a huge lead on everyone and was really in a groove, until they crashed and got stuck in the mud. There was plenty of good racing action the whole night, and even more great collisions.

Thanks a ton to The Sedalia Lions Club for having me out there, and for putting on such a great event. Check out some of the amazing action photos from Kevin Walker Photography below!