Local artist, Linda Hoover, is hard at work on the newest mural to inhabit Downtown Sedalia at 113 E. 4th Street. A special project of the Sedalia Area Chamber of Commerce's Leadership Sedalia Class 2015-2016, this mural will highlight three native Sedalians who successfully made their way to the "silver screen," Dorothy Dwan (1906-1981), Jack Oakie (1903-1978) and Ann Baker (1931 - present).

Listed below, are 18 Sedalians considered for Sedalia's Silver Screen Mural:
1. Jack Oakie
2. Ox Baker
3. Ann Baker
4. Stephen Eads
5. Dorothy Dwan
6. Priscilla Moran
7. Mrs. Sidney Drew
8. Charles G. Finney
9. Johnny Luther
10. Clyde De Vinny
11. Ivadell Carter
12. Fern Carter
13. Joe Harris
14. Doug Van Horn
15. Charles Wolf
16. Joel Townsley Waters
17. Patricia West
18. Jack Bland

Look for the City of Sedalia booth at the Missouri State Fair in the Mathewson Center as it will be featuring prominent Sedalians in American culture and industry!