Lucas Oil Speedway in Wheatland hosted its annual Media Day this past Wednesday, March 30. When I first arrived, I had no idea what to expect. It was my first real trip to a racetrack – I had no idea what fun I had in store for me.

When you first enter the grounds at Lucas Oil Speedway, you can already feel excitement start to build up inside of you.  It's hard to describe a dirt track as pretty, but this track is absolutely beautiful and the parking lot was very accommodating. Lucas Lake (where boat races take place) was so close I could almost jump in. The staff in the main building pointed us in the right direction and away we went. My coworker and I headed toward the big garage (Tech Building) where a makeshift media center had been set up.

Entering the building, we saw gift bags lining white linen tables, a small stage stretched out in the front with microphones in the ready positions for Lyndal Scranton (PR Director) and  Dan Robinson (General Manager) to let us all know what we could expect this year from Lucas Oil Speedway. They kindly asked us to make our way to a food table and to enjoy a free lunch while they presented us with some information. Dan Robinson also informed us that there would be a “surprise announcement” at the end.

The first order of business was, of course, their 2016 schedule.  If you'd like to see it for yourself, go to Lucas Oil Speedway. Perhaps the most exciting news, though, was the unveiling of new series being offered at Lucas Oil Speedway – the Off Road Pro 4 Truck Series, coming in 2017.  With straight-away speeds of up to 120 miles per hour and a new offroad track to be built, Lucas Oil Speedway continues to grow in order to provide fans with the ultimate racing experience. For more information on Lucas Oil's Off Road Series, you can visit Lucas Oil Offroad or Lucas Oil Dirt.

Improvements that are currently being made at Lucas Oil Speedway include a new gate at the camping grounds area and new, larger hot water heaters for the showers there. I believe the exact words used by Dan Robinson were, “campers can say goodbye to those cold showers”. They're also adopting a new “no smoking” policy after fans asked for it.  Just a few more examples of how Lucas Oil Speedway continues to improve its grounds for its patrons. If you'd like to make camping reservations, be sure to call Lucas Oil Speedway to get your spot.

After the announcements were made, drivers started up a couple of two-seater race cars to allow television and radio personnel to get a firsthand experience of what it's like to be a driver on the track. I watched as they suited up, climbed in, and put their helmets on. What I wasn't prepared for, though, was the feeling that washed over me as soon as the car started.  It was a lot of fun seeing this in person.

As the crowd made its way to the track, I followed. As I watched the car make its first lap I thought to myself, I'm glad I'm not the girl inside of that car right now.  However, Lucas Oil Speedway really gives us an up close and personal experience and as that car came barreling toward me, I couldn't help but smile like a child and kick myself for not taking the “plunge”. The excitement I felt was indescribable and shocked me to the core.  I stood there, grinning, anticipating the next lap. I couldn't wait for the next time that car slid around the corner, revving the engine, kicking up dirt. It was truly an experience that I was grateful for and one that I will never forget.