Amanda Eisenbarth and Kate Koenig from Memory Lane Foundation for Suicide Prevention paid us a visit to spend some time sharing their stories about suicide and mental disorders. It was a heartfelt interview, but one with purpose.

Odds are, mental illness has touched your life in some way. Whether you have a friend, colleague, or family member who suffers a mental disorder, you know how awful it can get for that person. Maybe you suffer yourself, which makes you even more empathetic to someone else’s pain. Some individuals fight through each day, just to function like everyone else. The need for local help and support grows every passing moment and that’s where Amanda Eisenbarth stepped up to say, enough is enough.

Amanda talks to us about how she came to found Memory Lane Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Suffering with depression herself, coupled with hearing about a local suicide, were the forces behind her decision to step up to try to help those around her.  With Amanda’s leadership, Memory Lane has opened the door to the public, inviting wonderful individuals to join dedicate their time to educating the community about mental illness and suicide prevention.

Kate Koenig, a member of Memory Lane Foundation, shared with us about her family’s history of mental illness, as well as how she fights to cope with her own mental struggles. She holds her head high, looking me in the eyes, as she proudly claims that she is not ashamed to speak honestly about her own disorders and that no one else should be either. A strong woman, Kate is determined to help eradicate the stigmas that are cast upon individuals who are just like her.

I’d like to thank Amanda and Kate for the time they’ve spent with us. As they were saying their goodbyes, they ensured me that this visit would not be their last. While they keep fighting the good fight to prevent suicide, we’ll keep supporting their endeavors every step of the way.

Memory Lane Foundation for Suicide Prevention Meetings

420 W 16 Street in Sedalia

Mondays (except the 5th Monday of the month) – 6:15 PM

Mental Illness/Suicide in Adults

Mental Illness/Suicide in Teens

First and Third Saturdays  – 9:00 AM

Loved Ones Left Behind

Parents of Children Who Suffer With Depression/Suicidal Thoughts

Memory Lane Foundation for Suicide Prevention, 660-596-5173