Missouri Governor Jay Nixon paid a visit to Sedalia this afternoon (Feb. 28) to talk about his plan to strengthen Medicaid coverage in the State of Missouri. The governor spoke to a packed auditorium in the Education Center of Bothwell Regional Health Center about his plan that will benefit taxpayers as well as businesses and the economy of the state.

CEO of Bothwell Regional Health Center John Dawes and Connie Smith, the Executive Director of the Sedalia Area Chamber of Commerce, both endorsed the Governor’s plan. The governor said his proposal would provide health coverage for 300,000 additional Missourians and bring more than $5.7 billion to the state. Governor Nixon said bringing back money Missourians send to Washington will create jobs and grow our economy.

Nixon also said other states across the country are stepping up to seize this opportunity, and if we fail to act, those jobs and  investments will go to other states. According to the governor, 24,000 new jobs would be created in Missouri in 2014 alone. Connie Smith said 1450 of those jobs would be in this area.

Governor Nixon finished his speech by saying he needs the citizens of Missouri to contact their representatives to ask them to help make this happen.