The Missouri State Fair is really a showcase for all things Agriculture in our state.  We have so many great farmers and people who work in our agricultural fields, and it's a long standing tradition.   One part of what keeps that so vital and thriving is the passion of our young people. That hard work, dedication, and perseverance is definitely on display with everything the 4-H is doing on the Fairgrounds.     These kids work on all sorts of things from clothes, canning, baking, photography, entomology, botany, and everything else you can possibly think of.  Every time someone has a problem with "kids today"... they're not looking at all the good the kids in 4-H are doing.  I got to stop by the 4-H building and check it out for myself.

Make sure you stop by and find out more about the local 4-H, and see everything the kids have been working on!

H-ily yours,