House flipping. It's big business. It's also the subject of reality TV shows. A lot of people dream about flipping homes for a living, but, of course, it's never quite as easy as it looks on TV. A new list has ranked 150 of the best across the United States for flipping houses. Three Missouri cities made the list, and the highest-ranking city in the state just might surprise you.

According to WalletHub, Springfield is the best city in Missouri for flipping houses. Springfield ranked 19th on the nationwide list of Best Cities for Flipping Houses. Kansas City came in 76th, and St. Louis ranked 132nd. Just across the border, Overland Park also did well, coming in at 36th.

19 metrics were considered when compiling the list, including “median purchase price” to “average full home remodeling costs.” WalletHub ranked El Paso, Fort Wayne, and Sioux Falls as the top three cities in America for flipping houses. Boston, San Francisco and Oakland came in at the bottom of the list.

Source: WalletHub