Kids, today is National Teacher's Day. I think that we all appreciate teachers in general, but I thought we might get a little more specific here.

I thought I'd share some memories of teachers I've had and worked with, and you could tell me a little about yours.  I think everyone had one of those teachers when they were a kid, that one that was your favorite.  Maybe they were funny, maybe they were kind, maybe they were just whatever you needed at the time.

I remember my kindergarten teacher, a lady named Mrs. Jackson.  My kindergarten years were in the 85/86 era at the Heber Hunt Elementary School here in Sedalia.  Mrs. Jackson always went the extra mile for her kids. I  remember fuzzily, there was a big field trip that was coming up for our class, and I had hurt my leg in a bad sprain or something and couldn't go.  Mrs Jackson made sure to stop by my house and tell me all about it and give me a little attention so I didn't feel left out.  She wanted to check on me to see that I was alright, and kept tabs on me a little bit over the years.  She even remembered me in a store years later and made sure to say hello.

So tell me a little bit about some of the teachers you've had.  Let me know who was your favorite, or who was the most memorable if you don't want to choose just one.  What was it that made that one special?  Fill your memory tanks and then pump 'em into our survey down here.  We'll talk about your responses this week!

Educationally yours,