Recently, I asked what are you watching on television this summer. It seems the major networks have issued more first run shows this summer than in a long time. Most the shows are reality in nature, but nothing appears to be stopping CBS with 'Under the Dome,' which has had over 11 million viewers according to Nielson. That is definitely the show that I'm watching, and not missing an episode of on Monday nights at 9 p.m.

Reality type shows seem to be the favorite amongst those participating in our poll. 'The Bachelor,' 'The Bachelorette' and 'Big Brother 15' topped the poll. I have to admit, I do love 'Big Brother,' but haven't watched it this season. I will though, I promise. Another show that did garner some interest was 'So You Think You can Dance.' My wife used to do ballet and loves watching this show, along with my daughter who loves to dance.

Surprisingly, there were not many other votes for first run dramas or comedies, although 'Major Crimes' and 'Dexter' did get some votes.

Perhaps, the other great thing about summer is the chance to just watch Major League Baseball, NASCAR and other sports on television, but let's face it: summer television is not nearly as exciting as the fall and spring, and television networks know we're traveling or outdoors for the most part.

If you can think of any other shows that pop into your head or catch your attention, be sure to let us know.