About twenty people marched in a peaceful manner from the Sedalia Train station to the Municipal Building Sunday afternoon (Sun. Aug. 24).  This march was not just a march to focus on the events that have happened in the last two weeks in Ferguson, but also to help send a message that all racism needs to come to an end.
"With all this killing that is going around, the David Morgan case, something needs to be done, " said Brenda Scroggins. "This walk is about Ferguson, the Morgan case and even bigger, even bigger."

The David Morgan case stemmed from an incident that happened in Sedalia in June of 2007, when Morgan was shot by a Sedalia Police Officer, after Morgan approached the officer with a knife.  This case went through the court system and in 2012, the Eighth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals ruled that the shooting was lawful out of self-defense.
"We're all here in support of the Ferguson incident and mothers and fathers all across the nation, said Stephen Boggs. "I'd like to put another twist on this, we as black people can not sit there and point fingers and say everything that is wrong is because of white people, that is not the case. We as black people, need to come together take care of our own, do the right thing and teach John and Suzy from day one, right from wrong, that's the way to deal with this, violence is not going to be the way to deal with this."

The gathering of twenty people ended up in front of the Municipal Building and ended with a prayer.

Shortly after the prayer came to an end, Sedalia Police and Sedalia Mayor Stephen Galliher delivered water to those who came.

"Everybody has a right to freedom of speech," said Mayor Galliher. "We just know how to do it in Sedalia, rather than in other cities. It was calm and I have a lot of respect for the folks."

"We're here to protect and support and for how peaceful it was is to be commended, " said Sedalia Police Chief John DeGonia. "The Constitution guarantees the people's rights to do that and certainly if somebody tried to interfere with that or they weren't peaceful, we would have handled it, but all in all it was peaceful."

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