The City of Sedalia, working with the Pettis County Commission, will begin residential drop-off single stream recycling services for individuals residing outside the corporate city limits of the City of Sedalia for an annual fee of $64.

According to a press release, City of Sedalia staff has ordered the recycling decals to be provided to users of the service and anticipate the decals will be delivered to allow the service to begin the week of November 21, 2016. This new recycling service provides individuals not residing in Sedalia with an alternative to landfilling reusable materials accepted by the City of Sedalia for recycling.

While not accepting glass, as part of single stream recycling collection, the City of
Sedalia continues to collect glass, other than Pyrex®, ceramics and plate or window
glass, at its Materials Management Site at 27882 Highway U; Thompson Hills Shopping
Center, 3107 W. Broadway Blvd.; and 1002 S. Massachusetts Ave., all in Sedalia.

The recycling fee is required as the costs for collection and processing of recyclable
materials routinely exceed the moneys generated from sale of such material for reuse.
The City of Sedalia supports its recycling service from sanitation and recycling service
fees paid by Sedalia residents. All users of the recycling service, including those
individuals living outside the City, will now be sharing in the costs of the recycling
service through payment of their annual recycling fee.
Those individuals wanting the recycling service will need to complete a form available
either on the City’s website, under News & Events - “Pettis
County Residential Recycling Services” or, beginning on November 21, 2016, the form
may be completed and the decals picked up at the Finance Department at City Hall, located at 200 S. Osage Avenue, in Sedalia. By completing the form, paying the annual recycling fee and placing the decal in the rear window of the individual's vehicle recyclable materials may be delivered to the Materials Management Site at 27882 Highway U, in Sedalia, through the end of calendar year 2017.

Randy Kirby