There are raccoons in my attic that I believe are trying to raise a family there. The raccoon is not a quiet neighbor either; in fact I think they have started a raccoon/squirrel bowling league up there, which apparently meets around 3am every morning.

I have asked friends and internet how to get rid of them, but nothing has worked so far. My son told me to boil red peppers and spray the attic with the juice. I did this and even put the red peppers around the room. The raccoons ate the peppers, and set out a container I can only guess for more. My brother-in-law said moth balls would work. The only thing that did was aggravate my sinuses, and the raccoons ignored them. Hedge Apple Balls was another suggestion, but I think that is what they and the squirrels use as bowling balls.

The internet site I went to recommended putting a radio up there and playing it loud. I believe they liked that because I can hear them changing stations, and I think they like Beau’s show, because I hear country music a lot. Jack