A painted rock made its way to the Pettis County Sheriff's Office on Sunday, and Sheriff Kevin Bond now has it on display in the dispatcher area.

The rock, which is painted black and gold, is affiliated with Sedalia Rocks, a Facebook group based on a type of scavenger hunt using painted rocks that are hidden in public areas around Sedalia for others to locate and possibly re-hide.

Sheriff Bond gave a shout-out to Megan Adams and Misty Gray in his appreciation of the rock. A similar rock was reportedly delivered to the Sedalia Police Department as well this week.

The rock was not the only sign of visible support from the community, Bond noted. “As I've made my rounds and travel throughout Sedalia and the county, I've had numerous people who have given signs of support. We had cookies brought in to us yesterday,” Bond said. “A mother and her two children – one of whom were dressed in a police uniform, came and delivered those. So I reciprocated by giving them (souvenir) badges.”

Sheriff Bond, in view of recent national events involving the deaths of law enforcement officials, said that “we're going through a very difficult time. I think we're seeing a change in the way law enforcement practices will ultimately be done. But here in Pettis County, we face our trials and have issues that go on all the time. We deal with difficult people, we deal with people at their very worst. So we remain committed to serving and helping the community,” he said.

“Whether we are responding to a call for service or doing something to protect the community, we are trying to be helpers, and the large majority of the community understands that,” Bond stated, while keeping abreast of the latest shooting that killed a Kansas City, Kan., police officer Tuesday afternoon.

“We know that those things can happen close to home, and so we remain vigilant, day in and day out, and we certainly appreciate the public's support in allowing us to do our jobs,” Sheriff Bond concluded.

Randy Kirby
Randy Kirby
Randy Kirby