The first "ABC" Awards of the 2016-2017 school year were presented to three Sacred Heart students in each K-5 class.

The “A” Award represents academic achievement. The “B” Award is for best behavior. The “C” Award stands for Christian Leadership.

PICTURED Grades K-2:
BACK Row from left: Kyler Downing, Sidnee North City, Paisley Carl, R. J. Hladik, and Jace Cordia.

MIDDLE ROW from left: Jaxon Twenter, Tzimonet Guerrero-Mercado, Diana Gutierrez-Talamantes, and Maggie Van Leer.

FRONT ROW from left: Isabella Reyes, Abram Mays, Aspen Carl, Frannie Morris, Cooper Hladik, and Kale McCollester.
PICTURED Grades 3-5:
BACK ROW from left: Reuben Smith, Hayden Grose, and Ximena Arevalo.

MIDDLE ROW: Jackson Manning, Madison Crooker, Grant Goodwin, and Thomas Gardner

FRONT ROW: Ellie Coruna, Anthony Sierra, Max Van Leer, Joshua Pacheco, and Jaden Twenter