One of the most important milestones in a young person's life is learning how to drive.  It can be daunting for them to get behind the wheel, and scary for the adults too, with all their safety fears. That's why the Smith-Cotton High School is offering their safe driver's ed course.

Drivers get information and visits from the Missouri Highway Patrol, the Sedalia Police and the Pettis County Sheriff's office. They'll also get the practice they need to pass the driving test, and all of it in the safe, experienced confines of qualified instructors.  In fact, the Smith-Cotton program is one of few in our area; there's a program in Marshall and one in LaMonte, but that's all that's available in our immediate area.

It's so important to many people in our area that Williams Woody Nissan even donates the cars for the kids to use, and they've never had an accident! They're working to get two cars for classes this year, so that all the Driver's Ed programs can be finished by the end of June. To find out more like how to get registered and what the class entails, I talked to Mike Robertson of Smith-Cotton, one of the instructors of the program.

So don't forget to get your kids registered for Driver's Ed. The more kids they get to sign up, the more likely it'll be that they can get two driver's ed cars. You can visit the Sedalia 200 website for your application, or you can get one from Smith-Cotton High School or Smith Cotton Junior High. Anyone can sign up from all over our area, as long as you're 15 or over.  Contact Mr Robertson at SCHS (660) 851-5300 for more information.  If bring your completed application and the fee on the first day of school, you can still get registered!

Drivingly yours,