Sedalia School District 200 was the top choice of judges in the Photo/Photo Series category in the 2016 Missouri School Public Relations Association Communications Awards, which were handed out last Friday, at the MOSPRA Fall Conference in Kansas City.

The district took first place and earned an Award of Excellence for a collection of images taken by Communications Director Bob Satnan during Heber Hunt Elementary School’s attendance incentive assemblies. The state Department of Elementary and Secondary Education is pushing for every district to have 90 percent attendance by 90 percent of its student body, and the assemblies are a way to encourage children to come to school regularly. At each assembly, staff members take part in fun stunts that are selected by the students. The district promoted the assemblies as a way to increase community awareness to the attendance goals. One judge wrote: “Excellent, high-quality photos that illustrated the excitement at Heber Hunt Elementary School in reaching its attendance goals.”

Sedalia 200 also received an Award of Merit in the writing category for a feature story written by Satnan about the district’s cooperative learning efforts. A judge wrote: “I applaud your district's recognition of the need to educate stakeholders on major curriculum initiatives.”

Entries in 11 categories from school districts across Missouri were judged by public relations and communications professionals across the country.

Sedalia 200 Superintendent Brad Pollitt said, “Mr. Satnan is doing a great job promoting the good things that are happening within the Sedalia School District.  Bob is a valuable member of our team and these honors are well-deserved.”

After winning a round of sumo against teacher Kendra Woolery, counselor Amanda Jackson celebrates by leading students in an impromptu dance party to “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” during an attendance incentive assembly at Heber Hunt Elementary School.