The Sedalia Bombers were set for the longest home stand of the season starting back on Friday, June 12th running to Tuesday, June 16th. The Bombers were scheduled to play 5 straight days at home. Instead they have had 4 games in a row rained out going back to June 11th at St. Joseph. The game tonight versus the St. Joseph Mustangs, and tomorrow versus the Nevada Griffins looks to be in jeopardy of being cancelled as well. This point last season the team was 9-4 and only had 2 games suspended. The home town team is sitting at 5-5. With a total of only 4 games all of last season were affected by the rain, and had to be cancelled. The Bombers are already at 6 games being rained out this season. Safe to say Mother Nature is not gaining any fans from the M.I.N.K League.

There is one good pro to the layover, the players get some extra rest in a quick schedule. The team was scheduled for 11 games in a row, so maybe it was a good thing, but if you ask the players; safe to say they want to be out on the field. To much rest could also be a bad thing. Back on June 3rd the Bombers defeated the Joplin Outlaws 19-3 they then had 2 games rained out and since then have gone 1-3.

Bombers fans join me in saying "rain rain go away...!"

We'll hope to let you know on the rescheduling of games, once we are aware, but we'll hope tonight and tomorrow's game get in.