Recently, Matt LaCasse from the Boys and Girls Club came into the studios and had a talk with me about everything going on with the Sedalia B&G Club this summer.

Of course, most people in Sedalia know that the club is doing a lot of good here locally.  They're helping kids who might not have anyone at home after school stay focused and interactive.  They're getting all kids support from their peers and their mentors, and that kind of thing is invaluable.  Not only are they having fun, but they're doing it while learning!

One great thing they've been doing is some work with Maxion Wheels.  Maxion is celebrating their 35th Anniversary, and they've reached out to the Boys and Girls Club to celebrate.  The kids have been decorating wheels, and also building robots!  There has also been some great interaction with kids from all over the world in places where Maxion Wheels are working.

Here's Brett Barth-Fagan from Boys and Girls Club and Edie Reaves, the Plant Manager of Maxion, with some details.

So be sure to go to their website, or you can stop by the building at 3100 Aaron Ave (near the Post Office) or you can call (660) 826-8331. Get involved today! You won't regret it.

Clubingly yours,