The Sedalia Lions Club launched their first "Random Act of Kindness Project" at the club's noon meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 9.

For 78 years, the Sedalia Lions Club has donated funds to support many organizations and groups throughout our community. Donations are made at the recommendation of the membership and approved by the board.


The "Random Acts of Kindness Project" empowers individual members to make a difference in our community. All Sedalia Lions Club members in good standing will be given $100 to use to perform "Random Acts of Kindness" in our community.


According to the Sedalia Lions Club President, Lion Phil Kemp, "The goal of the 'Random Acts of Kindness Project' is to give each member a personal say in how some of the money they have helped raise is donated in our community.


"This program will create almost seventy five ambassadors from our club to do something nice during this season of giving and sharing. It is our way of thanking the community for supporting our club and the many other projects we do throughout the year," Kemp said.