The following Sedalia Police crime reports are from the afternoon of Friday, June 12, 2015.

A man reported to Sedalia Police yesterday (June 11), that someone threw rocks and railroad spikes at the windows of the ADCO Building, at 900 West Main, causing $8,000 in damages.

A man in the area of South Kentucky and West 32nd Street reported to Sedalia Police that someone stole his HP Laptop, valued at $2,000, from his home, yesterday (June 11).

Pettis County Deputies received a report that someone stole items from two vehicles in the area of Elm Hills Boulevard and South Park Avenue on either Wednesday or yesterday (June 11).

Sedalia Police received a report from a woman near South Lamine and East 19th that someone took her mail and a package, valued at $50, from her mailbox on June 9.

A woman in the area of West Clay and North Osage reported to Sedalia Police that someone stole a bag of tools, valued at $40, that was sitting atop her vehicle, yesterday (June 11).

A woman near South Vermont and West 3rd Street reported to Sedalia Police that someone stole the purse out of her vehicle early this morning (June 12).

A woman reported to Sedalia Police that she was assaulted near East 14th and South Babcock on Wednesday (June 10).
Sedalia Police investigated a report of a domestic assault.

A twenty-inch yellow boys bicycle was found in the area of East 7th and South Washington.

Sedalia Police arrested Angelia Asbury for two charges of failure to appear and failure to appear-misdemeanor, bond set at $288.50.

Sedalia Police arrested Jovan Cruz for failure to appear, bond set at $88.50.