The following Sedalia Police and Pettis County Sheriff's reports are from the morning of Wednesday, July 3, 2013.

A man in the 1000 Block of East 13th reported to Sedalia Police that someone damaged the driver's window and windshield on his car. The victim saw the suspects and followed them. Sedalia Police apprehended Caleb and Samuel Bartlett, who were charged with property damage and destruction of private property with bond set at $533.50 cash/surety for both of them.

A man in the 1600 Block of East 14th reported to Sedalia Police that someone stole his Alpine CDE-123 car stereo from his vehicle. A 12-volt DC adapter was also missing and there was damage done after the stereo wires were cut and the molding around the stereo was damaged. The total value of the theft was $317.95.

A man in the 25000 Block of Highway HH reported to Pettis County Deputies that his wallet and cash was stolen on either June 30 or July 1.

A woman in the 2400 Block of West Main reported to Sedalia Police that someone forcefully entered her home while she was asleep. The victim confronted the known suspect and he left the scene.

KCP&L reported to Pettis County Deputies that someone struck an electricity pole in the 21000 Block of Carlin Mar Road in Lamonte on the morning of July 2.

Sedalia Police arrested Sharde Smith for having four warrants for a Johnson County probation violation, bond set at $100,000 cash/surety, two Pettis County warrants with bond set at $53,000 cash/surety; and driving while suspended with bond set at $533.50 cash/surety and $125 cash.

Sedalia Police arrested Joshua Obanion for being a parole absconder with no bond; two Henry County warrants for resisting arrest and obstruction, total bond set at $3,500 cash.

Pettis County Deputies arrested Nelson Rojas for a probation violation warrant, bond set at $2,000 cash and $2,500 surety bond.

Pettis County Deputies arrested Kimberly Stout on an active outstanding warrant for stealing.