The following Sedalia Police and Pettis County Sheriff's crime reports are from the morning of Wednesday, April 15, 2015.
Yesterday (April 14), concerned citizens informed to Sedalia Police that they saw two dogs locked in a car in the overnight for three nights. The unnamed suspect received a court summons for animal abuse.
A woman reported to Pettis County Deputies that her identity was stolen and she found out when she went to electronically file her income-taxes, yesterday (April 14). Pettis County Deputies also received another case of identity theft that was reported.

A woman reported to Sedalia Police that someone cut eight of the storage container locks in the area of Normandy and West 10th Street on Monday (April 13).

A man reported to Sedalia Police that his cell phone that his daughter had at the Smith-Cotton Jr. High was stolen. The student turned the phone into a teacher and when she went to get it back, it had been taken.

The manager of Dollar General, at 713 East Broadway, reported to Sedalia Police that there was a shoplifting in progress, yesterday (April 14). The manager tried to follow and stop the suspect. Sedalia Police reported on their arrival, the suspect had fled after cursing at and taking a swing at the manager. The suspect is known and a warrant application of robbery in the 2nd, stealing and assault in the 3rd is being applied.

Yesterday (April 14), an employee of Dollar General, at 619 North Ohio, reported to Sedalia Police that a suspect described as 6 foot two inches, wearing a red polo shirt and blue jeans took a soda from the cooler and walked out the store.

Sedalia Police arrested Nathaniel Harvey for distribution of marijuana, drug violation for possession of marijuana misdemeanor and unlawful transaction with a child.

Sedalia Police arrested 18-year-old Jose Romero for stealing from vehicles and minor in possession/purchasing intoxicants.
Sedalia Police arrested Bradley Ballenger for domestic assault in the 2nd.

Pettis County Deputies arrested Stephen Clancy for a Pettis County warrant.