Yesterday afternoon, Sedalia Police went to the 600 Block of West 5th for a report of a man who stabbed himself. Upon arrival Sedalia Police discovered the man had shot himself in the head. At this time the investigation has led to rule the death as a suicide.

Last week, we reported that there were several cases of identity theft going on in the area and there were multiple more reports today.  Pettis County Deputies received a report from a woman who said her debit card was stolen and $570 had been withdrawn from her bank account on Sunday, August 25.  A woman from Columbia, reported that she received notice from Charter Communications that someone opened an account in her name in Sedalia and that it was past due by $497.71.   A woman from Sedalia reported that her credit card was used in Nebraska without her permission for $175.  A woman reported to Pettis County Deputies that an unauthorized transaction of $100 happened from another state.  A man also reported to Pettis County Deputies that someone attempted to acquire funds from his bank account sometime since August 24.

A woman in the 2100 Block of East 16th reported to Sedalia Police that she noticed a bullet hole in the passenger door of her vehicle between August 19 and 27.  There is a suspect.

A woman in the 27000 Block of Rattle Snake Hill Road reported to Pettis County Deputies that her mailbox was destroyed at her home over the weekend.

A woman in the 500 Block of East 4th reported to Sedalia Police that that someone broke into her home and several items were taken between 3 a.m.and Noon on August 22.

A woman in the 400 Block of East 7th reported to Sedalia Police that somebody broke into the home and stole multiple items since August 13.

A man in the 800 Block of McVey Road reported to Pettis County Deputies that a subject known to him stole medication from his residence sometime since August 25.

Murphy U.S.A. Reported to Sedalia Police that they had a $25.14 gas drive off.

Samantha Henley from Mora reported to Sedalia Police that her vehicle was struck from behind. She reported that the vehicle's driver waved at her, turned off and then continued north. Henley went to State Fair Community College and said that it happened either by old Griff's location or by the gas station or by the gas station two blocks away. Henley's car had minor damage.

Sedalia Police arrested Jasmine Ball for possession of a controlled substance.

Sedalia Police arrested Louis Riedl and Pablo Blas for driving while suspended.