The following Sedalia Police Reports are from the morning of Thursday, Jan. 10, 2013.

Sedalia Police Investigate Several Disturbances

Last night (Jan. 9), Sedalia Police were dispatched to the 1500 Block of East 4th in regard to a 911 hang up call received by Sedalia Police. A woman reported that prior to the Sedalia Police's arrival, two people she knew were involved in a disturbance and had left for their home in the area of East 7th and South Center. The Sedalia Police went there and made contact with two people. One was found to be in possession of marijuana and related drug paraphernalia. Jason Sash was arrested for possession of a controlled substance (marijuana) and drug paraphernalia.

Yesterday afternoon (Jan. 9), Sedalia Police saw a subject causing a disturbance in the 1600 Block of East Broadway. Sedlia Police made contact with the subject and he threw a full can of soda against the ground, causing it to explode. Sedalia Police tried to arrest Richard Wheeler, who resisted and was placed into handcuffs. Wheeler was charged with a peace disturbance and resisting arrest.

Yesterday afternoon (Jan. 9), Sedalia Police went to the Smith-Cotton Junior High to assist the Division of Family Services. There was a female juvenile in the office who claimed that her mother had beaten her the previous night.

Yesterday (Jan. 9), Sedalia Police went to Superior Tax Service on a possible stealing case. The Sedalia Police Department talked with Superior Tax Service and the victim. Superior Tax Service had done the 2011 tax return for the victim, and in the original document, they requested an actual check. Before the electronic filing with the IRS, the return was changed to list an electronic deposit into an account not belonging to the victim.

Numerous Arrests Reported

Sedalia Police arrested Robert Martin Jr. for driving while suspended, bond set at $532.50.

Sedalia Police arrested Jonathan Johnson for a Benton County warrant, bond set at $500 cash/surety.

Sedalia Police arrested Kimberly Moore for having a Sedalia Municipal warrant for failure to appear on a booster seat charge, bond set at $100 cash only.

Sedalia Police arrested Eric Silva for assault.

Sedalia Police arrested Robert Lynch for possession of a controlled substance (meth) and possession of drug paraphernalia.