The following Sedalia Police crime reports are from the afternoon of May 6, 2013.

Three Sedalia men arrested early Sunday morning during a disturbance

At 1:13 on Sunday morning, Sedalia police were dispatched to a disturbance in the parking lot at 303 South Lamine. Upon arrival, a yelling incident escalated into pushing and swinging incident. Arrested at the scene was 17-year-old Chad Marcum of Sedalia on charges of obstruction and minor in possession. Bond on the charges totaled $1067. Also arrested was 26-year-old Matias Hernadez of Sedalia on charges of peace disturbance and resisting arrest. At the time of the police report, he was being held in the Pettis County Jail pending sobriety and $816 in bonds. 21-year-old Luis Landers of Sedalia was also arrested for peace disturbance, his bond was set at $283.

Vehicle stop Sunday night results in arrest for a Sedalia man

Around 10:20 Sunday night, Sedalia police conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle with expired registrations at 7th and Grand. Upon contact with the driver, 52-year-old Larry Limback of Sedalia, he was found to be a suspended driver and had a failure to appear warrant out of Sedalia. At the time of the police report Limback was on 24-hour hold pending formal charges for driving while suspended and $88.50 bond on the warrant.

Homeless woman arrested for trespassing Sunday morning

At 11:00 Sunday morning, a female victim in the 500 block of East 14th reported a case of trespass violation. Upon arrival, officers arrested 24-year-old Trista Kendrick, a homeless person, and took her to the Pettis County jail pending state charges of trespassing.

Victim reports a female suspect entered her home while she was sleeping

Just after 5:00 Sunday morning, Sedalia police investigated a trespassing complaint at a residence in the 600 block of East 11th.  According to the victim, a female suspect entered her home through an unlocked door and entered her bedroom while she was asleep. The suspect then woke the victim and asked her if she could use her cell phone. The police report states the suspect, whose identity is known, left when she was asked to by the victim.

Property damage suspect sought by Sedalia police

At 6:28 Sunday evening, a female victim reported property damage to the Sedalia police. According to the victim, someone chalked her windows and damaged the hood of her vehicle by walking over it.