In response to such low seat belt usage among teens,  MoDot developed the “Arrive Alive” program to promote seat belt use, especially among young people in the state. Now the local Sedalia Police Department are joining in to crack down and save lives.

An important component of the Arrive Alive campaign is enhanced enforcement efforts by police. The Sedalia Police will be doing a youth seat belt mobilization to crack down on Missouri's seat belt law violators and to reduce highway deaths from now until the end of the month. Seat belt usage is the most effective way to protect people and reduce fatalities in car accidents.

Teens can be pulled over just for not wearing their seat belt, since it is considered a primary offense for their age group.  So make sure to get in the habit, buckle up and arrive alive.  Nobody wants a ticket, sure, but nobody wants to attend a funeral either. Get the belt on or you'll be meeting one of Sedalia's finest.

Beltedly yours,