Here is your Sedalia Police Morning Crime Report for May 30, 2012:


Hughesville man arrested for stealing at WalMart

At 2:32 Tuesday afternoon, Sedalia police arrested 18-year-old Zachary Miller of Hughesville for stealing at the WalMart Store. According to the police report, a witness observed Miller place items in his pocket and leave the store without paying. He was transported to the Pettis County Jail, where he was released pending a court date.


Sedalia woman arrested for stealing at Wal-Mart Tuesday afternoon

At 3:40 Tuesday afternoon, Sedalia police responded to the Wal-Mart Store on a report of stealing. According to a witness, they saw 23-year-old Ashley Paris of Sedalia place things in her purse, then leave without paying. Paris was arrested and taken to the Pettis County Jail, where she was booked and released with a court date.


Credit card used to make over $1000 in fraudulent purchases

On Tuesday a victim came to the police department to report the fraudulent use of her credit card. According to the victim, someone used the card to purchase over $1000 in merchandise from the Furniture Factory Outlet. There was no information on suspects.


Dugan’s Paint truck targeted by gas thieves

On Tuesday, Sedalia police investigated of an attempted theft at Dugan’s Paint located at 3103 Erika Blvd. The thief or  thieves tried, but failed to siphon gas from a company truck. There were no suspects at the time of the police report.


Hit and run accident at Liberty Park Pool

A Sedalia woman reported her vehicle was hit by another vehicle while she was at the Liberty Park Pool , by someone who did not report the accident. There was no information on a suspect.


Burglary report filed Tuesday morning by a victim in the 1800 block of South Osage

At 11:26 Tuesday morning, a victim in the 1800 block of South Osage reported when he returned to his home he found someone had broke in and stole some of his property. There were no suspects.


Man reports a dog bite he received two weeks ago is now infected

At 4:34 Tuesday afternoon Sedalia police responded to the Bothwell Regional Health Center on a reported dog bite. Upon arrival the victim told officers the bite had occurred two weeks ago, but the bite had become infected, prompting the visit to the hospital. No other information was available at news time.