The Sedalia STING Unit has released new details regarding a drug find on South Quincy last Tuesday night (Oct. 8).

Last Tuesday night, Sedalia Police went to 400 South Quincy, Apartment B in search of a subject that was thought to have gone into the home. Sedalia Police were given permission to go through the home from 54-year-old Dennis Jones. Sedalia Police found drug paraphernalia in plain view as they looked for the suspect and got assistance from the STING Unit to search further. Jones gave permission for officers to search further for other illegal items and admitted to hiding methamphetamine in his clothing.

When 25-year-old Rachel Kohrs arrived at the residence, she was found be in possession of methamphetamine. As 48-year-old Robin Nyegard also arrived on the scene, she was found to have methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia in her clothing as well.

Sedalia Police were about to complete their investigation when another man, Kenneth Sharp, arrived at the scene and was found to have active warrants out of Bates and Henry County. He was arrested with bond set at $6,000 cash or surety.

Jones and Nyegard were charged with distribution of a controlled substance with 2,000 feet of a school, possession of drug paraphernalia and a controlled substance. Kohrs was charged with possession of a controlled substance.