BOLIVAR, MO) – Senator Mike Parson has released the following statement regarding his decision to seek the office of Lieutenant Governor:

“After much conversat...ion with my family, friends, and supporters, we have decided to redirect our campaign toward the office of Lieutenant Governor. This race is not now, and never has been, about me. It is about winning real reform for Missourians. It is about fundamentally changing the indefensible way in which state and political business is too often conducted today.

It is now clear that there is more agreement than disagreement among the GOP candidates for Governor on the vital economic, social, and individual liberty issues facing Missouri families and businesses. I am confident that when Missourians select a Governor from this Republican field, we will have leadership with a commitment to a better future for Missourians. As Lieutenant Governor, I will do everything within my power to see that we move swiftly and surely toward that brighter future for Missourians.

It is also clear that our message of ‘Positive Politics’ deserves a separate campaign and focus that transcends the issues of a single political cycle. The reason I chose to run in the first place was to change the tone of Missouri politics and government. The office of Lieutenant Governor serves as the People’s Advocate, focusing on issues facing veterans, the elderly, rural economic development, and education. It is also the perfect platform to be the People’s Advocate for real ethics reform and reforming our state’s political system to make it worthy of the respect of Missouri’s citizens,” said Senator Mike Parson.

Senator Mike Parson, a former Sergeant in the U.S. Army, served as Polk County Sheriff for twelve years, served in the Missouri House of Representatives, and is currently working for Missourians in the State Senate. Senator Parson was the Senate leader in the effort to put the Right to Farm Constitutional Amendment before the voters, helping to protect Missouri agriculture. Senator Parson has consistently defended and worked to strengthen our Second Amendment rights, is 100% pro-life, and has a strong record of defending the right to life.

Senator Parson, a Missouri native and third-generation farmer, lives in Bolivar with his wife, Teresa, where they own and operate a cattle farm. They have two children and five grandchildren and are members of First Baptist Church of Bolivar.

Missourians for Randles campaign adviser Todd Abrajano issued the following statement today in response to state senator Mike Parson's announcement that he is withdrawing from the Republican gubernatorial primary and entering the race for lieutenant governor:

"Bev Randles is running to be Missouri's next Lieutenant Governor because she believes that it's time for fresh ideas and new conservative leadership in our state capital. Bev knows what the rest of Missourians know: the culture in Jefferson City will never change until voters change the people who are sent there. We welcome Senator Parson to the race and look forward to contrasting Bev's successful record of conservative advocacy with Senator Parson's decade-long legislative record in Jefferson City."