Sierra Bullets recognized 30 employees for perfect attendance in 2012.  Recipients received $300 for their first year of perfect attendance and an additional $100 for each additional consecutive year.

Pictured from left to right are Robert Treece, Olga Shpyrka, Melissa Dillon, Terri Rogers, Kim Mefford, Paul Box, Irma Davis, Cindy Seifner, Misty Ptomey, Paul Duncan, Marilynn Kolsky,Dawn Smith, William Walker, Bob Harrison, Bryan Brock, Ben Walker, JB Konov, Michael Acklin, Craig Westermier, Rich Machholz, Duane Siercks, Ricky Shannon, Jonathan Sleeper, Rhiannon Valentine, Gary Johnson, Gayle Oehrke, and Charlie Beesley.   Not pictured are Darby Sharp, Danny Johnson, and Michael Wasson).

Sierra Bullets recently honored Ballistic Technician, Paul Box of Otterville, for not missing one minute of work since 2003!  Paul has gone to some pretty extreme lengths over the last 10 years including sleeping under his desk to avoid being tardy during a snowstorm.  No matter what issue arose, Paul always found a way to be at work and on time.

Pictured are Paul Box and Vice-President of Sales and Marketing, Matt Reams.

This press release was provided by Sierra Bullets in Sedalia.