It looks like several residents in The Show-Me State will be getting coal in their stockings, this year. A new list that ranks 150 cities in order of their "sinfulness" has been released. St. Louis came in at No. 2, while Springfield was No. 5.

Of course, Sin City, Las Vegas, Nevada, came in at No. 1 on the list of 2016's Most Sinful Cities, but the poor showings for St. Louis and Springfield were sort of surprising. Cincinnati and Orlando were the remaining cities among the Top 5. Kansas City and Overland Park were also on the list, at No. 40 and No. 90, respectively.

What exactly makes a city "sinful"? WalletHub, the group that put the list together, looked at factors like “violent crimes per capita," “excessive drinking” and “potential cheaters.” In all, 27 different indicators were taken into consideration for the rankings.

St. Louis came in No. 1 for violent crimes, and No. 5 for most thefts per capita. Springfield was No. 2 in the thefts category.

Source: WalletHub