Stribling Packaging, Inc of Rogers, Arkansas, announced with Sedalia/Pettis County Economic Development that they plan to expand their Sedalia operations at 107 Curry Drive, in the Thompson Meadows Industrial Park. The expansion will more than double their current space of 30,000 square foot to 72,000 square foot. Stribling will also double their employees from three at the Sedalia facility to possibly five or six, with this one-million dollar expansion.

Stribling has been in Sedalia since 1998, when the owner, Bill Stribling announced they would bring their packaging business to Sedalia, after starting up in 1984.

“At the time we built our current 30,000 square foot facility we never expected we would outgrow that facility in 15 years and need to expand it. However, that is a nice problem to have,” stated Bill Stribling, owner.

According to Sedalia Plant Manager, Bob Simon, the project will get underway soon and hope to be completed by November 15, 2014.

“We are pleased to, once again, have this growth from one of our companies,” said Economic Development Board President Rusty Kahrs. “Our existing companies will continue to be the foundation of our community.”

“The expansion of Stribling is a tremendous addition to the community of Sedalia,” said Sedalia Mayor Steve Galliher. “Our warehouse and distribution companies are a huge part of the growth we are experiencing by provide needed customer service to our manufacturing sector.”

Economic Development Sedalia–Pettis County, the City of Sedalia, and Pettis County officials partnered with Stribling, Inc. to make its expansion possible.

"There will be more movement in and out of distribution of the packaging goods," said Stribling. "Hopefully in the future will be able to add more jobs and get to the point of enhancing some of the packaging."

This expansion will be part of the Enhanced Enterprise Zone benefits that Pettis County currently utilizes.

Sedalia Mayor, Steve Galliher, Pettis County Presiding Commissioner, John Meehan, State Representatives Stanley Cox and Dean Dohrman; Missouri Department of Economic Development Senior Project Manager, Terry Maglich and President of the Board of Directors of Economic Development, Rusty Kahrs thanked Bill Stribling and Bob Simon for expanding the Sedalia facility at the official announcement ceremony.