The Sylvia G. Thompson Residence Center will be expanding its facility and services with a new $7.4 million building in Sedalia. The Sylvia G. Thompson Trust, made up of Adam Fischer, James Matthewson and Bill Shoemake announced that the facility will be built and will not only extend the facility, but also will be located on a West Tenth Street extension, close to Winchester Meadows.

"This is a continuation of what Sylvia Thompson wanted when she created the Trust," said Senator Mathewson. "She wanted a facility in this community that would serve the people in need and the aged and we are continuing with that."

The new facility will accept both Medicare and Medicaid. This facility will service those with severe dementia and alzheimers. The new facility will have 60 beds, with 35 earmarked towards patients with alzheimers.

Mayor Stephen Galliher testified in Jefferson City in support of this facility to the Missouri Health Facilities Review Committee, which granted the application.

The new facility will also employ another 70 to 80 people.