Jack Miller

Jack’s Heart Health Update for March 1, 2013
It is time for another update on my cardio rehab at the Bothwell Hospital Rehab Center. My schedule has changed and now I don’t have to get up and around as early as before. I changed classes from 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m., something my wife liked too. The workouts are getting longer an…
Jack’s Heart Health Update for February 24, 2013
Well, I have had several sessions at the rehab center of Bothwell Hospital, and I am enjoying them, I guess because I feel like I am at last doing something that is good for my health. I will have to admit the exercise has made me a little sore in spots, but I think that is a sign that I really need…
A Collection of Poems by Jack Miller
As a young man, I would never have admitted to writing poetry or singing love songs to my wife, but at the age I am now I can confess that I still do both. The poems I chose to put in my books are ones that do not need to be deciphered, and some people might think of them as too simple. I do feel ob…
A TinCan Man’s Story: A Poem by Jack Miller
To understand the following poem, you will have to know that a sailor never loses his love for the ships he has served on or the seas he has sailed. You will also have to imagine an old sailor, too old for the sea, sitting at a bar talking to the only person who will listen to his sea stories.

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