Would You Rather Wednesday: What’s More Irritating?
It's Humpday, time to get over those mid-week blues with another round of "Would You Rather." Last week, I gave you the option to only be able to shout or only be able to whisper every time you spoke. In a landslide, 78% of you would rather only be able to whisper.
Would You Rather Wednesday: This is Going to Hurt…
Welcome to "Would You Rather Wednesday." Last time we had a special edition Fourth of July "Would you Rather." Fifty-five percent of you would rather give it your all in the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating contest than spend the 4th of July weekend eating only saltin…
What Type of Fireworks Are Your Favorite?
You have seen them popping up all over: bright tents that hold all of the goodies that your little pyro heart desires. It's that time of year again, and many of you will flock to a firework tent here in the area to purchase some fireworks. What would the 4th of July be without fireworks?
Would You Rather Wednesday: Mean Streets or Haunted House?
Welcome back to another installment of "Would You Rather Wednesday." Last week we gave you the choice of living in deep space without an astronaut suit or living in the deep sea with no scuba gear. Living in the deep sea was the majority vote with 70%.
Which Local Public Pool Do You Prefer? [POLL]
The summer heat is among us, so it's time to break out the swimsuit and enjoy the refreshing cool water at your local pool. Sedalia is fortunate to have two public pools, but which one do you prefer? Both Centennial pool and the Liberty pool are both set up relatively similar.
Have You Gotten Sunburned Yet? [POLL]
So this week on "Outdoors Now," our friend Harry has been giving us tips to prevent and treat sunburn.  I've been particularly interested in this topic, as it's something that I think we all deal with when it gets warm.
Would You Rather Wednesday: Deep Space or the Deep Blue Sea?
Welcome back to another "Would You Rather Wednesday." Thanks to everyone who participated in the last poll. It was our highest participated poll and most balanced one we have had to date.  Fifty-seven percent of you said that you'd rather constantly have Cheetos chee…

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