Our Listeners Love Reality TV in the Summer
Recently, I asked what are you watching on television this summer. It seems the major networks have issued more first run shows this summer than in a long time. Most the shows are reality in nature, but nothing appears to be stopping CBS with 'Under the Dome,' which has had over 11 million viewers a…
What Are You Watching on TV this Summer? [SURVEY]
There are many things that I love about summer: baseball, barbeque, swimming and a few other things. However, one thing that annoys me is television. It used to be that summer television was a time to watch shows in rerun state and catch up with shows that maybe you missed an episode or two...
It’s Summer: Don’t Leave Your Dog in the Car
I was out running errands around town yesterday evening and parked next to a vehicle with a dog inside of it. Naturally, I felt bad for the dog and realized this is an unfortunate trend during the summer.
Plain and simple: the weather is becoming too hot for a dog to stay inside of your car while you…
18 Signs You’re at an Awful Barbecue
Grilling outdoors might seem simple since it’s the way that sub-average intelligent cavemen cooked food for themselves for years, but they’re all dead now — probably because they didn’t know that undercooked meat can cause food poisoning.
Swimming Pools Rekindle Memories and Creates New Ones
This summer, my kids took swim lessons at the Liberty Park Pool and have long enjoyed going swimming.  I think everybody has a great memory of summer growing up, and I'm sure swimming has to be in there somewhere.   I can remember my brother and I swimming in the big pool in Germ…
It’s the Last Day of School
In the last two weeks there have been numerous graduations in our area, from college to high school to kindergarten and even preschool ceremonies. This week marks the final day of school for those awaiting for the next grade.

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