There has been a lot of discussion on Fox News, on KIX 105 and Salem Radio Network with KSIS about America's tallest building, especially since the Freedom Tower is supposedly going to be the tallest structure in America.  But I want you to think what is one of the tallest in Missouri.

Could it be the St. Louis Arch? Nope. Could it be it be the Town Pavillion in Kansas City? Nope, not even the tallest in Kansas City. While the St. Louis Arch is considered one of the tallest buildings in Missouri,  the tallest structure is actually a place I used to work for and saw it develop.

It is the KMOS-TV tower in Syracuse and stands at 2,000 feet.    I recall when I worked in the broadcast department of the University of Central Missouri, and our engineer Dan Davis worked countless hours along with the engineering staff putting this together.  It was such a tall tower, even an elevator was installed. All I know is that it amazes me that it is not only considered one of the highest structures in Missouri,  but in the top 10 of the world. You don't have to fly to get to it, just have to drive to Syracuse and look to the sky and see it (I highly suggest shades on a clear day).

I also have to wonder if there is a marker to say it's one of the tallest structures in the world. I know in master control there was,  but I never made it out to the tower site to see. Guess that will be a side trip next time I go to Syracuse.