Several teens were arrested on Monday afternoon after a series or property damage reports and at least one burglary in the southern part of Clinton, Mo. over last weekend. At least 13 incidents occurred that involved spray painting graphic images and epitaphs on vehicles in The Shadow Hills neighborhood.  One of the vehicles was a marked police unit parked at the home of a K-9 Officer.  Eggs had also been thrown in several of the incidents.  The burglary occurred in the Shadow Hills neighborhood and involved entering a garage attached to a home where the occupants were asleep inside.

As reports came in, Clinton Police Officers checked with Walmart to see if anyone had been in the store and purchased spray paint and eggs.  That investigation revealed a video of three subjects in the store late Saturday night purchasing a large amount of eggs and the exact same spray paint colors used in the property damage.  A female subject paid for the items with a debit card.  Using these clues, Clinton Police Detectives conducted a close examination of social media and were able to identify the three suspects and the suspect vehicle.

Arrested for 24-hour investigation of 1st degree burglary and 1st degree property damage were 18-year-old Abigail Best of Calhoun, 19-year-old Averie Michael McDonough of Clinton and 17-year-old Vincent Lewis Russell of Clinton.  Best was released pending further investigation.  Russell and McDonough were both incarcerated in the Henry County Detention Center with a total bond of $35,000 each while warrants are obtained.  The subjects provided details as to the commission of the crimes and led police to a location where the property stolen in the burglary was recovered.

According to one suspect, spray painting parked vehicles and houses were not their first choice.  They initially planned to spray paint graphic images on Clinton School buildings, but decided against it because images could potentially be cleaned up before school started on Monday and the full shock value of the images would not have occurred.

If you or someone you know has any further information about this case or if you were a victim of a similar crime this past weekend but have not reported it yet please contact the Clinton Police Department at 660-885-2679.

This press release was provided by the Clinton, Missouri Police Department.