Tom Piche, Director and Curator of The Daum Museum of Contemporary Art in Sedalia stopped by our studio give us some information about the museum.

The first thing Tom explained to me is why he thinks everyone should visit The Daum. Simply put, he said they have a good collection. It is contemporary art, so it may take some a while to get used to it, he warned, but he also said it's worth the trip. Another reason that he gave to visit is that for a small city like Sedalia, The Daum Museum is a facility with a world class collection and exhibition program.

Tom Piche, himself, has been involved with art since the early 70s and has worked with art since the late 70s.  He has an Undergraduate Degree in Art History and a Masters in Museum Studies and Art History. He’s completed various internships and has been employed in art museums for the past three decades.

As the Director, Tom oversees the employees, the programs, the budgeting, governing boards and donors. He also acts as a spokesperson for The Daum Museum of Contemporary Art, speaking publicly about what The Daum has to offer.

While explaining his duties as the Curator of the museum, a smile spread across his face. He describes this part of his job as, “fun” and that he likes being able to “touch” the art, as well as become involved with the artists.

When asked what his favorite art piece is at the Daum, Tom went into great detail about a very large vessel by Ralph Bacerra that he is currently “enamored” with. He also let me know that his favorites change from time to time, depending upon what new artwork has been brought in to the museum.

Local artists are also displayed at The Daum. Tom explained that exhibitions are held, including The Sedalia Visual Art Association's summer exhibition, where twenty-five to thirty artists show up at The Daum from throughout the area.

The museum has is located on campus at State Fair Community College and has a steady visitor population, with about 12,000 individuals visiting per year and is free to the public. It’s also important to Tom and the museum to get as many school children out to see the exhibits throughout the year as possible.

The hours of operation for The Daum Museum of Contemporary Art are Tuesday through Friday from 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Saturday and Sunday from 1:00 PM  - 5:00 PM. You can also follow The Daum on Facebook.