Recently, a list of the most Instagrammed places in each state was released. A website called Busbud analyzed millions of photos to figure out which place in each state gets Instagrammed the most, and broke it down into five major categories. The categories are: nature, beaches, sports venues, major landmarks, and zoos. 

Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

Some of the most instagrammed spots were predictable, while others took me by surprise. For instance, in Indiana, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway topped the list. The Grand Canyon tops the list in Arizona and somehow people were able to focus their camera long enough to snap Bourbon Street in Louisiana.

A few states left me scratching my head and wondering if the state is really that boring. Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Nebraska instagrammed zoos the most in their state. My vote for the most random would have to be Tennessee. In a state that gives you Nashville, Knoxville, and the beautiful scenery of Pigeon Forge....the most instagrammed thing is Dollywood.

I thought Missouri would boast The Arch in St.Louis as it's most Instragmmed, but I was wrong. Arrowhead Stadium, Busch Stadium, Kauffman Stadium, none of these stadiums topped the list. The most Instagrammed photo in Missouri belonged to - the Lake of the Ozarks.