There was a time in my life when I could look down and see the toes of my shoes without bending over. Those days have passed. Until the age of 30 I had no problem with my weight; at 30 however it was as if the fat cells in my body exploded. I know it was my fault I love beer and potato chips, not to mention those fat pills called donuts. As I have each year at this time I stare into my bathroom mirror trying to visualize a smaller me. I miss that skinny kid with the 29 inch waist who thought he would never gain weight. I used to be able to count my ribs, and suck in my gut to where my naval would almost meet my back bone. I started thinking about my girth the first of the year, which seems to be the time most people plan their renewal. After reading Mike Jenkins’ blog I saw myself in the words, and will attempt one more time to shed some pounds. I will never have that 29 inch waist again, but maybe with a little effort I can see my toes again. Jack Miller