While the 4th of July might have been Wednesday, the patriotism was alive and well last night at Liberty Park Stadium.  The Sedalia Bombers played host to the U.S. Military All-Stars in an exhibition match-up.  The U.S. Military All-Stars is a team comprised of activity duty military members that travel around to raise awareness about the military through the game of baseball.

The stands were packed at Liberty Park Stadium with active duty, reserve, guard, and veterans.  The Sedalia Bombers allowed free admission to any military member and their family.  Many of the U.S. Military All-Stars just got back from deployment, while some are forced to cut their season short because of orders to return overseas.

While the Bombers took a break from MINK League play, the competition on the field was just as competitive. Just like the present-day Bombers roster that's filled with talented college players, many of the U.S. Military All-Stars played college baseball before joining the service.

The game was an offensive slugfest. Both teams combined for a total of 25 hits and 10 runs. While the scoreboard displayed a 7-3 win for the U.S. Military All-Stars, the city of Sedalia was a winner last night.

I hope that the Sedalia Bombers can make this a Summer tradition. With the response and excitement at Liberty Park Stadium, I think everyone feels the same way.