Somehow “Be My Valentine” doesn’t seem like enough after 55-years of marriage, and a rose or chocolate heart seems inadequate too; that is because my wife and I have always claimed Valentine’s Day as the day we met, and I have always struggled with what to get her since we both put more importance on the day, than we would if it were not that anniversary.

We met while working at Rival Manufacturing in 1960 when it was located on East 16th here in Sedalia, and it was then I began believing in love at first sight. I suppose that could be because it was Valentine’s Day. I have written many poems for Marlene since that day in 1960, but I think this poem conveys the feelings I still have all these years later. Happy Valentine’s Day Marlene.

Those Wifely Sounds

I love those simple, familiar sounds
coming from another room
The clanging of the pots and pans
the rustle of her broom

Sounds that tell me she’s still there
are comforting to me
Wifely sounds that carry joy
from rooms I cannot see