At the City Council meeting February 9, 2015 City Manager Paula Hertwig Hopkins submitted a letter of resignation to the City Council.  She has accepted a mission call to serve in an administrative mission capacity in Africa, specifically Uganda. 

Thereafter, she will work for an Executive Search Consultant in the capacity of an Interim City Manager/Administrator or other capacity, as needed.
“It has been a great pleasure and honor to have served the City Council, Warrensburg Community and Staff…love the the staff.
“Through significant hard work, strategic focus, and combined efforts we have accomplished a great deal during the past three (3) years.  I am confident that all will continue to go well and that the future is bright for Warrensburg.”
“The Council has regrettably accepted the resignation of Paula.  She has accomplished a good many things for the city and we will miss her,” stated Mayor DeFrain.  “Her last day will be April 16, 2015.”