The Warrensburg Parks and Recreation has a lot to offer the people of Central Missouri in the coming year.  They have all sorts of great exercise programs and some special events coming up to keep you busy! 

Here's a quick run down of some of their programs:

  • Cardio Kickboxing (WCC Aerobics Room): Cardio Kickboxing is a revolutionary group exercise program inspired by dance, Tae Kwon Do, boxing, Tai Chi and funk.  This workout creates a party atmosphere that will have you coming back for more.
  • Cardio Blast (WCC Aerobics Room): Looking for an awesome cardio workout? This class is for you! Cardio Blast fuses boot camp style cardio training, sport agility drills and more!
  • Boot Camp (WCC Aerobics Room): Boot Camp will give you a total body workout! The class consists of a combination of strength training and cardio utilizing a variety of equipment including dumbbells, kettle bells, resistance bands, traditional calisthenics, body weight exercises and more! This is an efficient and challenging workout.
  • Spinning (WCC Aerobics Room): Super instructors, awesome music and visualization on stationary bikes help you spin your way to a healthier you!
  • Tone‐n‐Tighten (WCC Aerobics Room): The instructor will lead you through intervals of strength training to develop & define specific muscle groups including your shoulders, back, arms, buttocks, hips, abs and core.
  • Hydro Exercise (WCC Lap Pool):  This class is great for those who want a gentle workout that includes stretching and toning.  Your body will be 50%‐90% in the pool.
  • River Walking (Nassif Aquatic Center Lazy River): Walk against the current in the lazy river.  There is no instructor so you may go at your pace and come and go as you please during the 1 ½ hour time frame.  River Walking is a great way to improve your balance and strength in a low‐impact setting.
  • Aquacise (WCC Lap Pool): This water fitness class is designed to please everyone.  All levels welcome, as you may go at any pace you prefer.  Water resistance provides muscular strengthening and endurance as well as a great cardiovascular workout.
  • Yoga Flow (WCC Aerobics Room):Traditional yoga poses are sequenced together to create a class format which provides a cardio workout, enhances breath capacity, builds strength and endurance and increases flexibility.
  • Beginning Yoga (WCC Aerobics Room): Experience the importance of breath work, relaxation, and core-enhancing healing poses.  Improve strength, flexibility, balance, and increase energy levels.
  • Power Yoga (WCC Aerobics Room): A flowing format yoga class with fast-paced sequencing intended to be an intense cardio workout and incorporating poses to increase strength and flexibility.  This is a total mind/body workout.

I got to talk with Amy Epple, the former Sedalia Parks and Recreation Director who is now the Warrensburg Parks and Recreation Director, about some of the great stuff they've got in store for the new year.

So make sure to visit their website to stay updated and to view the costs of the classes.  Stop by 102 South Holden Street, or give 'em a call at 660-747-9131 to find out more.

Recreationally yours,