We have two great events coming up in February with a TON of cool stuff to do: The Cabin Fever Sports Show on Feb 1 and 2, and the Stupid Cupid Party at Friendly's Tavern Feb 15. Both these events are going to be loaded with fun activities, and one of the things you can do at both events is get a tarot card reading from Christina's Gypsy Caravan.

Christina Woods has been doing tarot card readings since 2001. You can schedule longer more in depth sessions with her by calling (660) 238-7395, but at the Cabin Fever Sports Show and Stupid Cupid Party she'll be doing quicker versions of her readings for only $10.

I've never had a tarot card reading before, but I always thought it was kind of cool and wanted to try it, so Christina was nice enough to come in to the studio and give me a tarot card reading live on the air. We recorded the whole thing, so check out the video below to see my first tarot card reading experience. The results might surprise you!