I  was heading to the police station this morning, when I noticed the pleasant drop in prices for gasoline again.    Each day, all I hear is what about the price of gasoline?  What are we going to do with prices so high?   While I acknowledge that there is a problem in the price of gas and energy,  it is nice to see it drop down to $3.35 per gallon.   I find it interesting when people say they need to change their habits and I find myself doing the same.  Even though my job is within city limits and is even a few blocks away from my house, driving around still takes a toll.     It amazes me no matter what the price of gasoline is, when it's high we start cut backing on our norm and when it drops we start planning long road trips.   I am not going to have a simple answer to solve this problem, but it makes me wonder what happens if we just all drive the same,  wouldn't the price stay the same?   Sadly probably not, but I'm not going to let the price of gas make me stop what I'm doing, I just keep plugging along.    Plus or minus some dollars.     I did find a website that has area gas prices, you may find it helpful for your plugging along experience:   http://www.missourigasprices.com/index.aspx?area=Sedalia