I have been listening to all the complaints about the Chief's loss on Sunday, and I wonder what the score has to be for people to blame the defense for not playing up to their standards. 

A team with a defense like Kansas City is supposed to stop another team from getting 38 points, but the sportscasters in KC want to blame the offense for not getting more points even though 28 points is more than they scored in the first two games of the regular season.

The Denver loss was a heartbreaker the Chiefs should have won, and would have if they didn't play prevent defense on Denver's last drive. I agree with those who say Andy Reid should not be calling plays because he has enough to do without that chore, and he is too conservative at the last of a game.

Jamal Charles scored 3-times and Maclin caught the first pass a wide receiver has caught in over a year. The defense needs to get back to the form that kept other teams from scoring running touchdowns the way they did last year. Derrick Johnson And Tamba Hali are the best of the best, but they can't do it all.

Hopefully the rest of the defense will show up, and the offense won't have to make over 28 points to win this Sunday. Jack Miller

Brian Bahr, Getty Images