"Who do you think would win?"  That was the question that was being tossed around the barber shop this weekend. The barber shop that I go to in town is filled with some characters. They all know I work here at the station and that I call sporting events as well, I am usually there go to person for local sports information. They asked why Sacred Heart doesn't play Smith-Cotton, and if they did, what would the outcome be?To state the obvious, Smith-Cotton is a much larger school than Sacred Heart. Smith-Cotton wouldn't play another school in the local area that was as small as Sacred Heart, such as Tipton, Windsor or Cole Camp. The only thing that is different is that the two are located in the same town.

I was able to deflect the question as much as possible. I enjoy when both teams are doing good since it is great for the community and for the player alike. I was able to flip the question around a bit and ask an open forum question: in what sport would you like to see Sacred heart and Smith-Cotton go head-to-head in?